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Title: The Piano Man - The Secret Life of Don Eppes
Pairing/Characters: Don, Charlie, Alan, Amita, Megan, Larry, Millie
Rating/Category: Gen
Word Count: 1685
Spoilers: Minimal references to the Running Man
Summary: Don's been keeping a secret from his family and friends.

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My apologies for the late-i-tude. I had a new challenge all ready to go yesterday, but I, uh, forgot to post it. Sorry. Anway, Challenge #37: The Secret Life of Don Eppes is now closed. You can find the submission(s) (8 so far, whoo hoo!) in Memories.

Don’t forget that, if you get inspired by a closed challenge, late submissions are accepted. Just remember that the fic must be posted here in the community and you need to include the challenge in the subject line so we know where to stick it in Memories.

Next challenge coming right up!
ext_3545: Jon Walker, being adorable! (Don & Colby - Shades by delgaserasca)
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Title: Boys Who Wear Glasses
Author: Dira Sudis
Pairing: Don/Colby
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,192
Summary: It's time for some wild speculation.

Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis for beta!

Boys Who Wear Glasses )
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Title: Star of David
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie
Rating/Category: NC17/Slash
Word Count: 1990 words
Spoilers: None.
Summary: And just like one of Pavlov’s dogs, Charlie reacted to the sight of the chain, anticipating.
Notes/Warning: Possible misuse of a religious symbol. *g*
Written: April 27, 2007

Star of David )
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Title: Hero Worship
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, Don
Rating/Category: PG
Word Count: 391
Spoilers: None
Summary: In Don’s secret life, he doesn’t have to be the hero
Note: Dedicated to my F-list, I know, the best thank you for you guys is fic.

Hero Worship )
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Title: Coach
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie (implied)
Rating/Category: PG-13/Slash (mild enough to be ignored and considered Gen, if that’s your wish)
Word Count: 983 words
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Where does Don disappear after work?
Notes/Warning: Incest implied, though mild enough that you can ignore it if you wish.
Written: April 25, 2007

Coach )
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Title: Hush Money
Author: NV
Characters: Don/Charlie, Penfield
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Incest, public sex
Word Count: 2042
Spoilers: Penfield was introduced in "Convergence"
Challenge: #37 The Secret Life of Don Eppes
Summary: Don licked the envelope and sealed it shut. Another thousand dollars.
Disclaimer: Not mine, only borrowing, just fun, no infringement intended

Hush Money )
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Title: ArmedAndDangerous
Characters: Don
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1993
Summary: Don has an alter ego that's real popular with the ladies. And he loves it!
Disclaimer: Dont own it.

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Title: Relax
Author: ALF
Pairing: Don/OMC
Word Count: 1319
Rating: NC17
Category: Slash
Spoilers: Minor for Sniper Zero and Guns & Roses.
A/N: Yes, another response to the challenge. No, no relation to the previous story. This was inspired by the pizza scene between Charlie and Alan at the end of Guns & Roses, when they discuss Don turning off his cell phone and disappearing. This is my idea of where he goes... And when I thought of the title, I had the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song of the same name in my head.

ETA I completely missed off the kink warnings on this. Sorry, sorry, sorry! Contains spanking and bondage. Mea culpa!

Relax )
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Title: Ice, Ice, Baby
Author: ALF
Pairing/Characters: Don Eppes; OMC
Rating/Category: Gen
Word Count: 220
Summary: Don Eppes celebrates a special win
Notes/Warnings: Okay, kinda kid!fic - certainly a teenage Don. OMC is actually Jack O'Neill, so technically a crossover, except not. Definitely AU, probably crack!fic too. I'd already been toying with this idea before the challenge appeared, although originally it was gonna be slash, but I think this works better...

Ice, Ice, Baby )
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Our next challenge is: The Secret Life of Don Eppes.

Liz: Okay, I didn’t figure you for sequins and figure eights.
Don: You never know, could be the secret life of Don Eppes.
~Burn Rate

Because I’m evil. And I couldn’t resist. You don’t have to give us Don as a professional figure skater, but you do have to give us Don as something other than a baseball player or an FBI agent. Or maybe he’s just got a side gig. *eg* Come on, you know you wanna! But, you know, go ahead and twist the challenge however you want. It’s up to you.

You have two weeks to write your fic and post them here. We will close the challenge on Saturday, April 28th.

Remember, fic may only be posted here during the challenge period. Once the challenge is closed you may post it elsewhere. (If at any time you need to refresh your memory about them: Rules.)

Have fun!

Feel free to suggest future challenges in the comments to this post.


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