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Title: Negotiation Tactics
Pairing/Characters: Coop/Edgerton
Rating/Category: NC17
Word Count: 700 words
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Ian thinks that Billy’s negotiation tactics need work; Billy thinks they work just fine.
Notes/Warning: Fluffy PWP. (Is that an oxymoron?)
Written: September 4, 2009

“I don’t put out on a first date,” Billy said as Ian handed him a bottle of beer.

Ian raised an eyebrow. “Who says this is a date?”

Three beers apiece, a shared order of wings, and a lost game of pool (“We were hustled,” Billy insisted.) later, Ian had Billy pressed up against the closed door to his motel room. His tongue plundered Billy’s mouth, his hand was shoved down the front of Billy’s jeans, stroking him to hardness.

Billy was going to have stubble burn come morning, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He cradled Ian’s head as their tongues battled, and pushed into his talented hand.

“I don’t bottom,” Billy said as Ian wrestled him out of his clothes.

Billy returned the favor and then pushed Ian onto the mattress and followed him down. They kissed, all tongue and teeth, and desperately groped each other until Ian slid down Billy’s body and swallowed his cock.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” Billy moaned, and tried to thrust up against the press of Ian’s hands on his hips.

Ian pushed Billy’s legs apart and fondled his balls while he sucked him off, then played his fingers back further.

Billy moaned like a two dollar whore as Ian worked one, then two slick fingers into him. He fucked himself down onto Ian’s fingers as they wiggled inside him, and then up into Ian’s mouth.

Ian’s fingers found the sweet spot inside him that made Billy see stars, and massaged it while Billy writhed beneath him, until Billy clawed at Ian’s shoulders and called out his name as he exploded down his throat.

Ian suckled him until Billy couldn’t take any more, then crawled back up him and kissed Billy, sharing the taste of him on his tongue. He slid his arm beneath one of Billy’s legs and pulled it back, pressed inside him as his tongue mated with Billy’s.

Billy’s back arched as he stretched around Ian’s cock. “Oh, fuck me!” he gasped.

“Your wish . . . ,” Ian grunted, and then pulled out and thrust back in.

Billy wrapped his leg around Ian’s waist as Ian pushed his other leg back further, pressed in deeper. He bit Ian’s lip as Ian found the angle that pummeled Billy’s prostate with each thrust.

“Oh fuck,” Billy moaned, as Ian reached between them and found Billy’s semi-hard cock. He gave a breathless chuckle. “There is no way I’m gonna be able to come again so soon.”

“Let’s see about that, huh?”

“You’re good,” Billy admitted as he rocked up into Ian’s thrusts, “but even you aren’t that good.”

“Oh, I’m better than that,” Ian promised as he drove into Billy and jerked him off and sucked on his tongue, until Billy finally gave it up and shot his second load all over his own belly and Ian’s fingers.

“Fuck,” Ian groaned, his hips stuttering against Billy as his rhythm faltered, “Billy.” And then he emptied himself inside Billy’s ass.

Ian slumped on top of Billy. He gently lowered Billy’s leg and tried to hold himself up so Billy wasn’t carrying all his weight.

“Jesus,” Ian swore, breathless. “Jesus, that was amazing.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” Billy blissfully agreed.

Ian chuckled as he carefully withdrew from Billy’s body, a wash of semen spilling out of Billy with Ian’s cock.

“Ugh,” Billy said, as come dripped out of his ass and down his thighs, onto the bedding. “I draw the line at sleeping in the wet spot.”

“At least you draw the line somewhere,” Ian teased. “Thank god you went into fugitive recovery and not hostage negotiation, ‘cause you really suck at it.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Billy drawled. “I thought the measure of the success of any negotiation was whether you managed to get what you wanted.”

Ian slanted a sideways look at Billy, who just smiled back at him. Billy, still caught in the rapturous throes of two spectacular orgasms, imagined the ache in his ass come morning, and how it would intensify as he drove cross country in search of whatever scumbag the Bureau sent him after next.

Yeah, he figured his negotiation tactics worked just fine, though it was a good idea to keep in practice.

The End
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