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Challenge #58: Sharp is now closed. You can find the submission(s) here.

Don’t forget that, if you get inspired by a closed challenge, late submissions are accepted. Just remember that the fic must be posted here in the community and you need to include the challenge in the subject line so we know where to stick it in Memories.

Next challenge coming right up!
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Title: Because Don Asked
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie
Rating/Category: NC17/Slash/Incest
Word Count: 1409 words
Spoilers: None.
Summary: There’s a reason Don’s been on Charlie’s mind all morning.
Notes/Warning: PWP. To [livejournal.com profile] admiralandrea for the inspiration. *g* I picked one of my [livejournal.com profile] smut_69 prompts for this one as well: #30. Kinky.
Written: February 17, 2008

Because Don Asked )
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Title: Suits You
Author: ALF
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 883
Disclaimer: Not mine, not profiting
Notes/Warnings: I am fully aware of the lameness of this title. This is a late Valentine fic, which I'd been thinking of writing all week, but seeing the new prompt here finally motivated me to get going. Total PWP. Inspired by the now infamous promo pics of Rob Morrow in grey suit and earrings.

Read more... )
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Our next challenge is: Sharp.

Whether it’s a sharp word, a sharp-edged blade, a sharp mind, a musical note or a sharp-dressed man, go ahead and twist the challenge however you want. It’s up to you. *g*

You have two weeks to write your fic and post them here. We will close the challenge on Saturday, March 1st.

Remember, fic may only be posted here during the challenge period. Once the challenge is closed you may post it elsewhere. (If at any time you need to refresh your memory about them: Rules.)

Have fun!

Feel free to suggest future challenges in the comments to this post.


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