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Title: Coffee
Author: ALF
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Don, Ian, Gibbs, DiNozzo
Summary: Don and Gibbs have something in common
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit
A/N: Got the initial image of Don and Gibbs drinking coffee side-by-side in my head and it wouldn't quit till I wrote it. I have no idea what the rest of this story is. Gen, but could be seen as slash, if you tilt it that way.

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Title: In the Stillness
Characters: Colby, Charlie, Don
Pairings: None
genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 252
Spoilers: 3x24 Janus List, 4x01 Trust Metric
Summary: Charlie visits Colby in the hospital
Warnings: None
Notes: This is my first story here, but this community looks fun! It definitely shouldn't be my last.

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Title: Silence
Pairing/Characters: Don (mention of Charlie and David)
Rating/Category: PG/Gen
Word Count: 100-word drabble
Spoilers: Through 1.09 Sniper Zero.
Summary: Don’s nightmare.
Notes/Warning: Tag for 1.09 Sniper Zero. Angst. I heard a song on the radio the other day which inspired this prompt, and which I thought would prove inspirational for a fic, but after last night’s ep, lying in bed, this drabble came to me, and I had to get up and write it down.
Written: February 28, 2009

Silence )
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Title: Cowboy
Pairing/Characters: Colby, David, Don
Rating/Category: PG13/Gen
Word Count: 100 words
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Colby and David are volunteered for an undercover assignment.
Notes/Warning: This isn’t at all what where I anticipated this prompt leading me, but there you go. Hope you enjoy the images it suggests. *g*
Written: October 25, 2008

Cowboy )
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Title: Key Note Speakers
Pairing/Characters: Don, Charlie
Rating/Category: PG13/Gen
Word Count: 741 words
Spoilers: Through 4.09 Graphic.
Summary: Don and Charlie are asked to speak at a convention about working together.
Notes/Warnings: Goes AU at some point before 4.18 When Worlds Collide.

Key Note Speakers )
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Title: The Piano Man - The Secret Life of Don Eppes
Pairing/Characters: Don, Charlie, Alan, Amita, Megan, Larry, Millie
Rating/Category: Gen
Word Count: 1685
Spoilers: Minimal references to the Running Man
Summary: Don's been keeping a secret from his family and friends.

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Title: A Bit of Fun
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, Don
Rating/Category: PG
Spoilers: Noisy Edge
Summary: Charlie doesn't want to let Don have the last word on who's better
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

A Bit of Fun )
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Title: The Hunt
Pairing/Characters: Don, Charlie
Rating/Category: PG13
Spoilers: None
Summary: Don and Charlie are hunters seeking supernatural prey (SPN AU)
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

The Hunt )
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Title: Wayward Son
Author: Dani
Rating/Category: R/Mostly Gen
Pairing/Characters: OMC/OMC; Don Eppes, Charlie Eppes, Alan Eppes, Margaret Eppes, Megan Reeves, Walter Merrick (check the Pilot), Theodore 'Todd' Eppes (OMC), Bradley Fox (OMC)
Word Count: 7,917
Warnings: sexual abuse of a minor, light slash
Summary: What if Don and Charlie had a brother they didn't like to talk about?
Notes: It's been a long road with this one. I originally started in late August last year and it's taken me just over ten months to finish it. I'm glad it took me so long to finish it, the long breaks between bouts of inspiration gave me space from it for a while.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] jestana, who was patient enough to listen to me talk things out that were in my head, but were hiding behind all the random debris, and gave me the jumpstart I needed to finish this sucker.

Carry on my wayward son / There'll be peace when you are done / Lay your weary head to rest / Don't you cry no more )
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Title: Fish out of Water
Author: Jelsemium
Word Count: 114
Challenge #42: Betrayal
Spoilers: None

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Title: No Stone Unturned
Pairing/Characters: Don, David, Megan
Rating/Category: PG13
Spoilers: Judgment Call
Summary: Don struggles with the outcome of a kidnapping
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

No Stone Unturned )
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Title: Hero Worship
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, Don
Rating/Category: PG
Word Count: 391
Spoilers: None
Summary: In Don’s secret life, he doesn’t have to be the hero
Note: Dedicated to my F-list, I know, the best thank you for you guys is fic.

Hero Worship )
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Title: ArmedAndDangerous
Characters: Don
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1993
Summary: Don has an alter ego that's real popular with the ladies. And he loves it!
Disclaimer: Dont own it.

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Title: Under Water
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, Don
Rating/Category: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: Eleven year old Charlie wishes he could spend his beach vacation surfing
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Under Water )
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Title: Ice, Ice, Baby
Author: ALF
Pairing/Characters: Don Eppes; OMC
Rating/Category: Gen
Word Count: 220
Summary: Don Eppes celebrates a special win
Notes/Warnings: Okay, kinda kid!fic - certainly a teenage Don. OMC is actually Jack O'Neill, so technically a crossover, except not. Definitely AU, probably crack!fic too. I'd already been toying with this idea before the challenge appeared, although originally it was gonna be slash, but I think this works better...

Ice, Ice, Baby )
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Title: Films About Ghosts
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, Don
Rating/Category: PG/gen
Word Count: 712
Spoilers: post-"Hot Shot"
Summary: Something was coming.
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis and [livejournal.com profile] qe2 for cheerleading!

Films About Ghosts )
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Title: Three In The Morning
Author: ALF
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 139
Pairing/Characters: Don
Summary: Musing in the dark
A/N: Somewhat angsty short piece

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Title: There's A Traitor Here (Beneath My Breast)
Character: Don
Rating: G
Word Count: 362
Spoilers: 2x04 The Mole, 2x05 Traffic
Summary: How Don really feels about what Colby did.
Notes: I think the thing that bothered me the most about Traffic was the lack of continuity with The Mole. So what did I do about it? I created my own continuity. *g* Inspiration for this fic came from [livejournal.com profile] delgaserasca’s Don and Megan wallpaper here.
Quote used: ‘The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool.’

There's a traitor here beneath my breast / And it hurts me more than you've ever guessed )
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Title: Demons and All
Pairing/Characters: Don
Rating/Category: PG?
Word Count: 233
Spoilers: Traffic, Spree/Two Daughters, Rampage, Guns and Roses, Structural Corruption
Summary: Don contemplates what his father told him.

Demons and All )
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Title: Overdue
Author: Mel ([livejournal.com profile] meletor_et_al)
Characters: Don, Charlie
Rating: PG-13, Gen
Length: 900+ words
Spoilers: up to and including Soft Target
Summary: And the thing is, they still don't get each other, really, but at least they get that much, the lack of getting, and it works. They work.
Warnings: angst, language, rampant metaphors
Notes: Attempting to innocently peruse the challenge list while half-watching Soft Target produced this; [livejournal.com profile] __dtrain helped me whip it into shape (and supplied the title). "Late submission" is an understatement, but then again, I only joined this community yesterday. And I only started writing Numb3rs fic the day before that.

Don walks out of Charlie's office grinding his teeth and feeling sick to his stomach. )


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